7 Gifts For 7 Days Of Valentine’s Day (Valentine Week Gift Ideas 2023)

by admin January 11, 2023

February is known as the month of Love, as almost the whole month is dedicated to Valentines and sweethearts. Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14 every year.

On this day, lovers express their feelings towards the other person through wishes and gifts. But before that, valentines week is celebrated from 7 February to 13 February. Each day is dedicated to the preceding stages of affection.

what are 7 days of valentine week

Even if you are in love or beginning the journey of love, here are the “7 gifts for 7 days before Valentine’s day“.

We have discussed gifts for seven days of february for both boys and girls. You can exchange with each other to keep up the love, excitement, anticipation, and passion.

🌹Rose Day

Roses have different colors and each color has its meaning and significance. They are a sign of love, association, and beauty.

Each kind of rose shows that a giver is conveying a silent message to the receiver. That is why the rose day is kept first on the list for valentine’s week. 

If you are thinking of wishing someone on Rose day, along with roses, you can also gift them something that looks like a flower. Here are the Gifts for first day of Valentine week:

Rose Day Gift Ideas for HimRose Day Gift Ideas for Her

Editor’s Tip: If your girl don’t want roses you can get an idea from first date gift ideas for her, to make your first date special.

💍Propose Day

It’s the second day of Valentine’s week. If you are waiting to propose for a long time, this is the day. Propose day is giving you the chance to get on your knees and confess your love, so avail it.

Tell them they live in your heart and you are bound to keep them there forever even if you are already in a relationship.

Make them feel special by taking advantage of this special day from valentine week.

As per your budget, you can think of giving something unique from our list of gifts for 7 days of valentine. They will remain the same forever just like your love and devotion. 

Propose Day Gift Ideas For herPropose Day Gift Ideas For him

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask someone to be your valentine in the beginning of relationship. So, here are the tips on how to ask your crush to be valentine. Get an idea and just ask her/him.

🍫Chocolate Day

As Valentine’s week is all about affection, chocolate day plays an important role in it. Gifting chocolate is one of the wonderfully cute things.

No one can resist receiving them. Choclates could also be the best valentine’s day gift for wife. If you want to bring a smile to someone’s face, just know that chocolates have the power to provide warmth and joy.

  • It is an affordable luxury.
  • It makes people smile.
  • It creates memories and traditions.

Add sweetness to your love by giving chocolates on Chocolate day. Usually girls like choclates but boys don’t. So, if your guy do not like choclates, you can give something choclate colored.

Choclate Day Gift Ideas For herChoclate Day Gift Ideas For him

🧸Teddy Day

Teddy day is the fourth day of valentine’s week. Super soft, plushy, huggable toys are a sign of purity, innocence, and love. So there is no impair in exchanging your love through plush toys.

Many people think, why do you give plush presents on valentine’s day? Just know that

  • They are cute and cuddly.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • Even adults find a sense of comfort and calming effect through these plush animals.
  • They are a great way of showing your love.
Teddy Day Gift Ideas For herTeddy Day Gift Ideas For him

🤝Promise Day

Promise day is the day when all the odds are in your favor to show your dedication and commitment to a specific person or a relationship.

On this day couples promise to selflessly love each other every moment moving forward. It can strengthen the love between two people. Thus, promise day plays an important role in valentine’s week.

You can also promise each other by exchanging promise gifts.

Promise Day Gift Idea For HerPromise Day Gift Idea For Him

🫂 Hug Day 

Hug day is the sixth day of Valentine’s week. A hug is a powerful language that expresses the feelings of 

  • Safety
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Communication

You can share gifts and warm hugs with your loved ones on this day and make them feel secure that you are there for them through thick and thin.

This day holds great importance in 7 days of valentine’s week. And it holds the key to bolstering your bond with other people. 

Hug Day Gift Ideas For HerHug Day Gift Ideas For Him

💏Kiss Day

Kiss day is called the Golden day of valentine’s week. On this day, you show your love in a more profound and passionate manner.

You confess about your feelings in a meaningful, beloved, and romantic way through a kiss. 

Kiss is a way of expressing your love without saying a word. Whether you kiss on the cheek or lip, it is a great way of showing your love and affection. 

Kiss Day Gift Ideas For HerKiss Day Gift Ideas For Him

💝Valentine’s day

It is the commercial celebration of love and romance in different regions of the world. An occasion to glorify beautiful human relationships.

On Valentine’s day, you should spend time with your loved ones, and celebrate the commitment and promises you have done with each other to live through all the happy and sad times together. 

Shower your lovers and partners with lots of love and valentine’s day gifts on this beautiful day. Because you have done confession, now its the time to show your love to the people.

So, givie something that express as well as show your love to the people.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For HerValentine’s Day Gift Idea For Him

Do you know? There are anti-valentine week also? This week is celebrated after 14th february and is not related to love and confession. It starts from slap day and ends on Breakup day.


Final Words

Valentine’s week is a great chance for couples and lovers to build or intensify their relationships. Each day holds specific meaning and significance that plays an important role in building a relationship. So give gifts, surprise each other with love, amplify the bond and let the spark between you never die!

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