【29】 Creative Men’s Easter Basket Ideas That Are Actually Unique

by admin February 21, 2023

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📢Easter is coming on Sunday, 19th april in 2023.

People decorate their houses and make easter eggs and bunnies. Buy gifts for their friends and family. And the most difficult task is to buy something for men who always say they have everything and they don’t want anything. Well, you have to buy something for them. Right? Because it’s easter. 

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will be out of the confusion about what to buy for your brother, child, husband, friend, or brother this easter.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Him

To help you with this complicated situation, here is the list of men’s easter baskets:

4. Drinks Easter Basket


Who doesn’t like to have drinks on Easter or every day? A drink basket is a perfect choice for men because they love drinking and can also serve others on this day. Buy a bucket or find one at your house. You can paint it to change the color, or you can also draw some elements of easter to decorate it. Adjust different bottles of wine, wine openers, wine bottle hiding covers,  juices, etc and you are good to go.

5. Fish-themed easter gift basket


Surely, there are men who love fishing. So why not assemble some fish-themed gifts this year? Go to the store and buy some fish supplies. If you have someone who loves fishing, you must know something about fish supplies, e.g a fish popper is used for effective fish baiting. 

You can also give it to youngsters or adults to create an interest in them. It is one of the good easter basket ideas for young adults. 

6. Car wash gift basket for men


If your husband, friend, or dad has a car, you can think of presenting them a car-wash-themed gift basket. You can add some accessories related to Easter so that it looks like an easter gift basket. It is one of the perfect easter gift basket ideas for dad or husband. 


Men mostly use less accessories then women. That’s why its hard to decide what should you give to them as a gift. Don’t waste your precious time on deciding what to give a men and get a great list of gift ideas for a man who do not want anything.

7. Hot Wheels theme item gifts


Boys are crazy about hot wheelz. There is no way that you do not know someone who doesn’t like hot wheelz.  Take a bucket and put anything in it having hot wheelz on it. It is among the perfect easter basket ideas for boyfriend. 

8. DIY easter men’s care basket


Just like women, men are getting involved in self-care these days. You can gift a men’s care product basket to your loved ones. It can be a younger person or an older one, whoever you want to present to. Cleansers, moisturizers, beard kits, sunscreens, body washes, or body sprays, there are a lot of choices for you to add to the basket. 

9. Undergarment men’s gift basket


If you are thinking of buying something useful for your husband. Then you can go with a men’s undergarment gift basket. You can roll them on the stick and arrange them in a small bucket or just put them in the folded basket. It is an ideal easter basket for husband. 

10. Men’s toiletry gift basket


Toiletry includes oral care items like mouthwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. Hair products like shampoo and conditioners; bathroom products like toilet paper, fingernail clippers, and more. Select any product you like, make a basket, and present it. He will love it guaranteed because it is such a valuable gift for daily use. 

11. Goodies Easter Basket


Instead of going for theme-based easter baskets. Select random goodies from the mart. Make sure the goodies complement each other. Choose goodies for men who have everything that he will accept and say yes i wanted this!

You can get the idea from the image given as an example. Out of all the Easter basket gift ideas for him, Goodie’s easter basket is the best.

12. Gift basket for movie lovers


People like watching movies. Make the movie night exciting for your men. And make a basket with different items related to movie night. I.e. CDs, movie tickets, edibles, posters, character stickers, popcorn, etc. If you want to spend movie night at home, the best gift could be a screen projector.

13. Netflix snacks men’s easter basket 


Just like movie night, some men are indulged in Netflix and watch documentaries or series, etc. You can get inspiration from Netflix, and make a Netflix-inspired men’s easter basket. The red color looks really attractive and your husband, boyfriend, or brother will adore it for sure. 

14. Outdoor game gift basket


Outdoor games are recreating and refreshing. So yes, don’t think that it’s a dumb idea to gift an outdoor game basket. You can add sports game products about which another person is passionate. I.e. rackets, basketball, football, tennis net, bat/ball, other related things, and eatables as well. 

15. Art supplies Gift Basket 


It is an ideal easter basket idea for young adults or teenagers. Stationery items or paints, everything can be included in the art supply gift basket. Teenage boys and adults love to do painting as a side hustle, habit, or extracurricular activity. It is an amazing idea to gift this easter.

16. Beer Easter Basket

Beer-Easter-Basket for men

Men love beer. Happy, sad, or mad, they need a beer, So, fulfill their needs and gift a beer basket to your boys. Buy any beer you think they like, assemble them beautifully as shown in the image or you can do it in another way you like.

17. Egg edibles easter basket


Rather than going with other themed baskets, make the easter eggs your theme. Fill the basket with everything that goes with easter i.e. chocolates, egg squishy, and other cute things. 

18. Chocolate basket for men


Chocolates are the best choice if you don’t want to go with other gifts. Some people don’t like spending a lot of time thinking about what they should give to someone. So they are left with no choice but chocolates. And yes, chocolates make other people happy and excited. So it is an upstanding present to give on Easter and other occasions also. 

19. Fitness freak men’s easter basket


If you know any fitness freaks, then it is an ideal easter gift basket for them. You can add whey proteins, protein shakes, water bottles, etc to the easter gift basket. 

20. After-shave kit for men


After-shave products are a must-have for men. There are many after-shave kits available in the market. You can buy them or choose products separately. It includes razors, soothing balms, moisturizers, powders, etc. You can also add other goodies as per your preference. You can choose this basket idea out of other men’s easter basket ideas. 

21. Poker set basket

Poker-set-basket for men

Take a basket and put everything you need for the night of poker. Poker chips, candies, dice, cards, or snacks. Do you want to have some fun with your men on easter? It is an upper-hand choice among the easter gift basket ideas. 

22. Coffee lover gift basket


Here is a gift basket for coffee lovers. Select any item you want like coffee mugs, sugar, coffee, spoons, etc, and gift it to a coffee lover. No doubt, It is going to amaze the person you gift. So look around, take a closer look, see who loves coffee, and get ready to surprise them with a coffee-themed easter basket. 

23. Football lover gift basket


Are there any football fans that you are aware of? You can present them with a basket associated with all football-related items i.e. favorite players’ uniform, socks, glove holder case, cap, shoes, and many more. 

24. Candy easter basket for men


Just like chocolates, giving candies is also a cute and adorable gesture. Candy baskets look really colorful, and they are also cheap. So if you are looking for some cheap men’s easter basket ideas, this is the one. It is not only affordable, but also eye-catching.

25. Relaxation Spa basket for men


Men go through hectic routines and hard work. They also need some relaxation just as women need. Here is a relaxation spa easter basket for men’s rescue. You can choose any products to place in the basket. It can be shampoo, lotions, lotion applicators, massaging creams, loofah, bath bombs, and oils etc. 

26. Luxury gift basket for men


Do you want some luxurious gift ideas for men? Well, here you are. Gift an exquisite watch or a wallet, belts, ties, sunglasses, cologne, or anything that draws the attention of a person in a second and is captivating to wear. Keep in mind that in such gifts, dark-colored items look really stunning and bold. So go for dark solid colors without any doubt 

27. Black-themed easter basket for black lovers


Black lovers are everywhere. 64% of men favored black color as a color of confidence. Find a black bucket, and buy black items, they can be materialistic or eatables, whatever you want. It is one of the great easter basket ideas for husbands

28. Indoor Game Basket Ideas for Adults 


Similar to the outdoor game basket, you can also gift an indoor game easter gift basket. There are many indoor games like ludo, UNO cards, chess, puzzle, etc. In addition, you can add some eatables like popcorn, candies, sodas, etc. 

29. BBQ gift basket for dads


Do you know someone who loves Bar-B-Q? Well, you can present a bar-b-q assembled basket to your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or anyone. You can put knives, tongs, sauces, a nice apron, etc in the basket. It is a very thoughtful gift to present to someone. 


Now you have a lot of ideas from which you can choose the gifts. You can miss and match the items and make your own kind of men’s easter baskets. This way it can perfectly match the personality of the person you have done so much effort for. Think with a creative mind, and you will end up buying and putting together an amazing easter basket that will be worth every penny you are going to spend.

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