A Complete Guide To Anniversary Gifts by Year (from 1๐–˜๐–™ to 60๐–™๐–)

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As the years of marriage go by, the bond gets closer. There are gifts associated with each anniversary in order to recognize the growing fondness. Every year has both traditional and contemporary elements associated with it, and as time goes on, the importance of these materials grows.

So, if you’re looking for ideas for anniversary gifts by year, here is a list of every year’s anniversary gift ideas, which contains both traditional and modern items as well as colors, flowers, and jewels associated with the years from the first to the sixty-first.

1st year anniversary details

1st-year anniversary gifts
Traditional GiftPaper
Modern GiftClock
StoneMother of Pearl

Paper is a sign of delicacy just as the start of a marriage that is delicate to handle. The 1st year of a marriage is the building of a relationship, if built correctly, it can last longer than forever. A marriage association is as fragile as paper, which is why the first-year anniversary gift is paper. 

Whereas, the modern gift is a clock, which shows that time changes everything. Two persons are considered as one who is responsible enough to manage each situation strongly with the passage of time. 

Pansy flowers are traditionally seen as symbols of love, both romantic and platonic. 

Mother of pearl is related to the sensitivity of marriage.

As a tradition, you can give each other journals, diaries, origami boxes, books, portraits on paper, and many other things you can think of. Moreover, if you want to go with modern presents, you can gift watches, etc. 

2nd year anniversary details

Traditional GiftCotton
Modern GiftCrockery

Cotton is a symbol of strength according to 2nd-year anniversary gift symbols. The yarns are interconnected strongly in cotton that is flexible enough but never breakable just like the relationship of husband and wife spent together from frailty to durability in two years. 

On the modern side, Crockery is known for its beauty and sophistication just like the marriage relationship. 

Garnet is known as a commitment stone that symbolizes strength and perseverance. 

At the same time, the cosmos flower is a symbol of love and purity.

You can gift crockery, cosmos flowers, jewelry made of garnet stones, cotton T-shirts, etc.

3rd year anniversary details

Traditional GiftLeather 
Modern GiftCrystal/Glass

Leather is a robust material that represents the well-built bond of the marriage. It also shows the protection that husband and wife provide each other just like leather provides to any product or body. On the other hand, you need to keep the relationship protected in order to handle it with great care just like glass. Three years show the longevity and purity of the marriage like white pearls and loyalty symbolized by sunflowers. 

You can gift leather wallets or card holders, sunflower accessories, pearl jewelry, etc to each other. 

4th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftFlowers, Fruits
Modern GiftAppliances
StoneBlue Topaz

Traditionally, Fruits symbolize the fertility of the relationship. And flowers are linked to joy and happiness in life that represents the blossoming of the 4 years of association. Appliances are the modern gift of the 4th-year anniversary that signifies how settled you are in these times. The colors  You can get the color inspiration for gifts by the stone as well. Moreover, blue topaz is a sign of righteousness, trust, and loyalty. It shows the trustworthiness you both have for each other during the time of togetherness and much more to go. 

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5th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftWood
Modern GiftSilverware 

The traditional gift related to your half-year anniversary is Wood. It is a symbol of the strength and growth you have made over half the decade. The modern alternative to 5th-year anniversary is silverware, which points to the bond you have made over the shared meals till now. Daisy is a delicate flower but it is perfect for the fifth-year anniversary indicating fertility in life. 

You can think of gifting sapphire stone accessories to show your faithfulness and sincerity over all these years. Or things made of wood like keyrings, wooden frames, and other wooden items, etc. 

6th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftCandy
Modern GiftWood Objects
FlowerCalla Lily

Candy is the traditional gift for the 6th year anniversary. Share candies with each other and celebrate the sweetness of marriage. If you havenโ€™t given any wooden presents last year. You can gift it on the 6th anniversary. Because the modern symbol of the 6th-year anniversary is wooden objects. The flower and the stone of this year are related to faithfulness, so you can think of gifting the stone as it is or adorned with other items.

7th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftCopper/Wool
Modern GiftDesk Set

Copper and wool both provide heat to humans in one way or the other. The traditional gifts considered for the 7th year anniversary are wool and copper which depicts the warmth between husband and wife that they give each other. 

On the modern side, a desk set may seem more practical rather than a traditional gift but it shows how you take care of household items and support your spouse in every way. 

The 7th-year anniversary color is Off-white similar to the color of wool that shows purity and innocence. 

The onyx stone is known for the energy of strong support and protection from evil, so you can think of buying flowers for your partner. Moreover, the freesia flower is a symbol of friendship and trust. 

You can buy wool blankets, mufflers, shirts, copper antique jewelry, desk sets, flowers, and stone ornaments to gift your partners. 

8th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftBronze/Pottery
Modern GiftLinen/Lace 

To celebrate the 8-year anniversary, bronze is a traditional gift that is most prominently associated with strength and stability, just like the strength of both mates in marriage. 

Pottery is a traditional handmade technique that shows the investment of you and your time to get good results. 

The modern gifts, lace, and linen are related to the refinement of the marriage over the years. 

Bronze is a color of maturity that also demonstrates the adultness of oneโ€™s marriage. You can give your mate a tourmaline to ensure the insight and serenity of the milestone. Or buy a bouquet of beautiful clematis flowers and increase the beauty of your special day. 

There are many bronze artifacts out that you can gift your partner, linen clothes adorned with laces, or flower bouquets. 

9th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftWillow
Modern GiftLeather
StoneLapis Lazuli

The traditional gift willow signifies how you have thrived through challenging conditions and how you have grown and survived powerfully together through all times. Similarly, leather shows the strength and protection you give each other. Terracotta, a shade between orange and brown, is a cozy color that brings a warm feeling and makes you feel enthusiastic toward the other person. Lapis lazuli gives strength and courage for the present and future as well. The poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance and hopes for a peaceful future. 

There are plenty of choices for gifts, you can plant a willow together in a garden that will grow with you over the passing years in the future. Moreover, you can gift stone ornaments, clothes inspired by poppy prints, and many more. 

10th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftAluminium
Modern GiftDiamond Jewelry

Itโ€™s a milestone anniversary, so there is an extraordinary modern gift for this year, which is Diamond jewelry. Diamonds are associated with faithfulness, strength, love, and health. Aluminum has the properties of improving the ability to take action. As time passes by, you have to take bigger actions, and the aluminum symbol for this year makes you stronger and improves your ability to move further. 

As for bright and shiny diamonds, the 10th-year anniversary color is silver. 

Daffodils are the symbol of new beginnings that signifies the decade of association and furthermore. 

If you donโ€™t want to buy an expensive gift, you can choose from a variety of aluminium products that are practical too, available in the market. 

11th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftSteel
Modern GiftJewelry 
FlowerMorning Glory

Steel is the strongest metal on the earth and so is your 11 years of marriage. You can celebrate it modernally by presenting a piece of jewelry to your loved one like a necklace, earrings, or ring made of steel to keep the tradition alive.  

The color and stone of the 11-year anniversary are Turquoise which is a sign of good fortune and hope. 

Morning glory is the flower of hope for love life. So it is a perfect choice for presenting on the anniversary. 

12th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftSilk/Linen 
Modern GiftPearl
ColorOyster White 

Silk and linen are the two traditional symbols for the 12th anniversary. They show the elegance and delicacy of marriage.  

Pearl and jade are the two stones associated with this year. Both are beautiful stones that are linked to beauty, longevity, and protection of oneโ€™s connection. 

Peony is traditionally given as an expression of romance, beauty, love, and honor. 

Furthermore, white is the common color of the 12th year anniversary. So it will seem beautiful if you choose something white for gifts. Such as pearl necklaces, silk bed sheets, linen garments, and many more. 

13th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftLace
Modern GiftFaux Fur 

Both the traditional and modern symbols of the 13th-year anniversary are Lace and faux fur. Faux fur is the representation of warmth and wealth. Similarly, laces show the intricacies of a relationship. 

You can buy a citrine stone ring to present to your spouse. As it is considered a joyous stone that brings brightness to life. 

You should also think of buying chrysanthemum flowers as it is the indication of friendship, happiness, and well-being you continue to have for 13 years and so forth. 

You can buy anything with fur or lace on it like house decoration items adorned with laces, etc. 

14th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftIvory 
Modern GiftGold Jewelry 

The traditional gift and color of this year’s anniversary is Ivory. You can look for elephant-themed gifts that show luck and protection. Or you can look for gold jewelry which is the best choice if you cannot find any ivory-based product because it is hard to find. Similar to ivory, opal stone is considered a lucky and protective stone to have. 

You can gift dahlia flowers or something inspired by these flowers because they are a sign of love, devotion, and dignity. 

15th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftCrystal
Modern GiftWatches

All the symbols of this year’s anniversary are almost identical. Ruby and roses both are red. And the significant color of the 15-year anniversary celebration is also Red. So go with it. Buy traditional crystals that are red in color, or buy ruby. These stones are the embodiment of faith, purity, and perfection. 

All these characteristics are the keys to a well-worked marriage for more than a decade. On the modern alternative, you can buy a couple of watches for each other. A watch is a meaningful gift. It is a reminder to the person you give that you love them and appreciate the time you have spent with them.

16th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftWax
Modern GiftSilver Holloware
ColorSilver/Emerald Green

Wax is not a romantic gift traditionally. But by creativity, you can choose to make it romantic. You can buy couple themed scented candles and enjoy a candlelight dinner celebrating your beautiful 16 years of marriage together. 

Silver holloware includes bowls, teapots, butter dishes, pitchers, etc that show the unity of both partners across the years. 

Statice is a symbol of remembrance. You can gift it to remember the memories spent cooperatively. 

Peridot is a stone that is green in color, and the color of the 16th-year anniversary is also emerald green. So peridot stone is a perfect present for gifting on an anniversary that is associated with prosperity and good fortune. 

17th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftFurniture
Modern GiftFurniture
FlowerRed Carnation

According to tradition and modernism, furniture is the 17th-year anniversary symbol. It is not a romantic gift to give but it is the symbolism of familiarity, comfort, and security. So you can think of buying something valuable, a simple and elegant chair, couch, or anything your spouse needs. 

Similar to the 15th anniversary, both the stones and flowers are red in color which shows deep love and affection. 

18th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftPorcelain
Modern GiftPorcelain
FlowerCatโ€™s eye

Porcelain is a delicate but elegant material that goes through a lot of convolutions to get good end results as a frail porcelain crockery. It is handled with care in order to protect it just like your companionship of 18 years and how you have guarded it through all years. 

So, Traditionally and modernly, porcelain is the 18th-year anniversary gift. 

The color of this year is blue and the stone is Catโ€™s eye. Spending 18 years of life together with one person is a blessing. 

The catโ€™s eye is a stone that keeps the evil off and protects against unforeseen danger. It makes a perfect gift to choose for your anniversary. Other than that, you can get gift inspiration from the color as well as the porcelain crockery which is always in blue color so it is a good catch. 

19th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftBronze
Modern GiftBronze

Just like the 8th-year anniversary, bronze is the traditional and modern gift for the 19th-year anniversary that shows the stability and strength of a relationship till now. 

The bronze color shows maturity and experience. Flower of this year is the same as the 13th year anniversary symbolizing good fortune. 

Aquamarine stone represents the clarity and harmony of the relationship built in all the years of marriage. 

You can buy bronze jewelry i.e. necklaces, earrings, or flowers for your spouse. 

20th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftChina Crockery
Modern GiftPlatinum
ColorEmerald Green
StoneEmerald Green

Your two decades of marriage are complete, and just like the pure and rare platinum, your love has become rare and pure through the milestone. 

Similar to porcelain, china crockery is delicate, but beautiful and needs cautiousness to handle just like the marriage. 

The color and stone of this year’s anniversary are known to be Emerald Green. It shows refinement, wealth, and royalty. 

Daylily is a beautiful flower that is a sign of forgetting worries. Gift your loved one daylily and help them forget their worries by making them feel special.

You have many choices like platinum rings, earrings, emerald jewelry, emerald green color-inspired clothes, or china crockery, etc. 

25th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftSilver
Modern GiftSilver

The 25th-year anniversary is called the Silver anniversary for a reason. 

The color, traditional and modern gift of this year is silver. And rather than stone, this year has a silver metal. It perfectly matches 25 years of marriage which shows wealth and success in all those years. 

If you donโ€™t want to go with silver. You have an option of Iris flowers that encourages the faith and admiration you have had for each other. 

30th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftPearl
Modern GiftDiamond

The modern gift for your three-decade anniversary is a Diamond. Diamond is a sign of faithfulness and a relationship filled with marriage. Traditionally, pearls are associated with good luck. The same goes for the gemstone and there are plenty of pearl stone products you can find out there i.e. pearl clothes, jewelry, house decoration ornaments, etc. 

Both green color and lily flowers give the vibe of fresh life and purity. So you can think of buying something corresponding to the color or flowers as well. 

35th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftCoral
Modern GiftJade
FlowerRed roses

Coral is related to the sea which is a sign of immortality and happiness. It is an unusual gift but you can find gifts related to corals online and in markets easily. 

Jade is the modern alternative for the 35th-year anniversary. It points to harmony and balance in the marriage. But if you canโ€™t select any present besides all of this, you have the option of red roses to gift. 

40th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftRuby
Modern GiftRuby

Rubies are the main symbols of the 40th anniversary. It is the symbol of love and commitment. Fiery red in color that shows the love of both mates for 4 decades and many more to go. 

Gladioli flowers are bright in color and represent moral integrity, faithfulness, and remembrance. Such as the remembrance of all the memories spent together for 40 years and still counting. 

45th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftSapphire
Modern GiftSapphire
FlowerBlue Iris

45th-year anniversary is all about sapphire. Sapphires are a sign of truth and sincerity. Similarly, blue irises are a symbol of faith and hope. So celebrate your 45th year anniversary with blue irises and sapphires which can do wonders on your wedding anniversary. 

50th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftGold
Modern GiftGold
FlowerYellow roses/Violet

The 50th-year anniversary is called the Golden Jubilee. The traditional gift, modern gift, color, and metal, everything is Gold. Gold expresses the compassion and generosity you both have shown to each through all those years. 

But if you are looking for more options, the 50th anniversary has yellow roses or violets complementing your wedding anniversary celebrations and look really enduring. 

55th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftEmerald 
Modern GiftEmerald 
ColorEmerald Green
FlowerCalla lily

Emerald is seen in many anniversary themes. Because it is related to love, devotion, balance, and eloquence in life. But if you have already presented emerald to your partner. There are other options as well, such as calla lily flowers and alexandrite stone. 

Calla lily is related to the 6th anniversary and to the 55th anniversary also. It shows the faithfulness you have shown through all years.

Alexandrite is an attractive stone that changes color in the light. Hence, it is one of the best presents you can choose from.

60th year anniversary details

Traditional GiftDiamond 
Modern GiftDiamond 
ColorDiamond White 

The 60th-year anniversary is all about diamonds. No wonder, that is why it is called the diamond jubilee. Diamond is the strongest stone out of all the stones just like the bond between you and your partner within 60 years of marriage together. 

Everything on the 60th anniversary is inspired by diamonds. Orchid flowers are the perfect bloom to celebrate all the precious moments of life. 

Wrap Up

There are many choices available in relation to the yearly anniversary gifts. You can stick to the given list, choose a contemporary or conventional gift, and receive inspiration from it to buy whatever you believe your spouse will love. Whether purchasing flowers, a traditional gift, or precious stones. Just be imaginative and use our list of anniversary gifts by year to wish each other well.

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