4 Year Anniversary Gifts (23 Fruit/Flower Themed Presents for Him👦 & Her👧)

by admin January 25, 2023
4 year anniversary gifts

4 years of marriage is considered to be a successful marriage. Traditionally, the 4th-anniversary gift is fruits and flowers. It shows the relationship is blooming just like the flowers. And the fruit of marriage is ripening into maturity. 

Choosing gifts might be a challenging task. But the 4th year anniversary is associated with fruits and flowers. Here is a list of fruit and flower anniversary gifts you can buy for your 4th wedding anniversary. Buy these gifts and make your anniversary unique and memorable.

In modern era, people usually give appliances instead of traditional fruits and flower gifts. But we have discussed traditionally modern gifts that are fruits and flower themed to keep the tradition alive.

Flower Anniversary Gift Ideas

Choose some wonderful flower gifts as anniversary presents for your wife and make the anniversary memorable for her. 

1. Luminous Balloon Rose Bouquet for your Better Half

unique 4th marriage anniversary gifts

It is best for decoration purposes as well as the best gift for your better half. It shows that your loved one is enclosed in your heart just like the flower enclosed in a balloon. So it is an ideal present to give someone.

If your 4th anniversary is on valentine’s day, then celebrate your anniversary by giving 7 gifts for 7 days of valentine to make it more special.

2. Nerve Calming Rose-tree Lamp for better night sleep

4th anniversary gift ideas

It can be used differently depending on the nature of the task. It is a multi-purpose lamp that adds to the beauty of the place as well as helps in performing different tasks. Thus it is the perfect gift for aesthetic and beneficial purposes. 

3. Skin-friendly flower makeup brush

flower anniversary gifts

It is a perfect gift for your artistic and makeup lover wife. There is no doubt she will not love it. It is a skin-friendly and durable product that can be used for makeup application or brushing off nail dust. So buy this makeup anniversary flower gift and please your wife. 

4. Sunflower enamel pins to add aesthetic to the clothing

flower anniversary gift ideas

Enamel pins look chic on clothes. Add a touch to your wife’s closet by gifting her a sunflower enamel pin. These enamel pins are sleek and shiny. Everyone likes such a high-quality gift. So buy it for your wife and she will adore it without a doubt.


Do you know there are specific themed gifts associated with each year anniversary? Like flowea and fruits are theme is associated with 4th year anniversary. Just like these, there are also 1st to 60th anniversary gifts by year.

5. Resin planter flower pot to strengthen the 4th anniversary

flower anniversary gift ideas

It is difficult to choose gifts for an anniversary.  But this resin planter flower pot is a perfect selection for presents. You can hang it on the wall, through cable, or place it on the table. Moreover, you can grow flowers in the pot naturally or put artificial flowers in it. 

6. A floral bustier top to for your busty wifey


Give your wifey flower themed bustier top if you want her to look beautiful on your 4th wedding anniversary. She will definitely love it.

7. A pendant to show her that she is the sunshine of your life


This “you are my sunshine” pendant is an amazing hidden message gift. It has a hidden message inside. When your wife will open it, she will surely say waoo.

8. Coneflower bird feeder ornament for the garden

4th anniversary gift ideas

One of the elegant accessories you can gift someone is this bird feeder. It looks really real when you see it in the garden because of its refined design and vibrant colors. It is the best gift for an altruistic person.

Unique 4th anniversary gift ideas

Do you require suggestions for your 4th wedding anniversary gifts? Well, here you are

9. Motion Video Frame For Celebrating 4 Years Together

Motion Video Frame

This motion video frame can be a gift for your husband on your anniversary. Celebrate your 4th marriage anniversary by playing a memorable video in this frame. It could be a gifts for husband or wife.

10. Strawberry Lamp for Comfortable Sleep

unique 4th marriage anniversary gifts

It is a gorgeous lamp that makes the night blissful and soul-filling. It is one of the best gifts for a wedding anniversary. This charming lamp is a must-have in a private space with a rechargeable battery that helps in having a peaceful night. 

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11. Banana fidget toy to release stress and make your wife happy

4 years fruit themed marriage gifts

It is the best toy to gift on the 4th anniversary. Maturity comes with facing all the hardships that come your way. And to help face these hardships. Banana fidget toys help in developing emotions and cognition and releasing anxiety and stress.

12. Naughty Avocado Plush to put a Smile on Wife’s Face

4 years fruit themed marriage gifts

It is a huggable plush toy. Whenever your wife feels bad or gets stressed, it is best to resolve your cravings. Gift this fruit plush toy to your wife on your anniversary and put a large smile on her face. It is safe to use and one of the unique 4th anniversary gift ideas

13. Flower shaped nipple pads for an amazing intimate experience


It’s your 4th anniversary and it should be special because 4 years are enough to know each other. Give your wifey these flower shaped nipple pads for an excellent intimate experience.

14. Strawberry backpack with enriched pockets for Housewives

fruit anniversary gifts

This fruit backpack is enriched with so many spacious pockets. Your wife can put as many things as she can in the backpack. It has accurate belts that carry it and will cause no strain on the shoulders. Your wife can use it for groceries or other purposes as per her preference. 

15. Durable Grape Cutter to ease your wife’s work

fruit anniversary gifts

It’s 4 years of marriage. A woman has to do a lot of work. And she likes practical gifts instead of other expensive gifts. So it is one of the thoughtful gifts. A grape cutter is a tool that every home should have. Its strong sturdy and sharp blades chop the grapes in a moment and save time effectively.

16. Morse code bracelet for both partners

unique 4th marriage anniversary gifts

Even after years of marriage, it is still important to show love to each other. Loving each other in every situation is the key to a good marriage. Gift morse code bracelets, that have a hidden message in them that keep reminding each other of the life and care you both have. 

Fruit Anniversary Gift For Her

Choose the fruit themed gifts for her on your 4th wedding anniversary and make your wife feel incredible.

17. Plush Avocado Slipper to comfort your wife

fruit anniversary gifts

These super soft and cozy shoes look really photogenic and realistic when someone wears them. They are a fun thing to gift. It is sure these can bring a smile to your wife’s face. Gift them to your wife and add a touch of giggle to your marriage anniversary. 

18. Multipurpose Strawberry Milk Purse for your Cute wifey

fruit anniversary gift ideas

It is a multipurpose purse. Your wife can put it in the kitchen, carry groceries in it or use it as a purse. This fruit purse is a symbol of earthly pleasures and temptations, thus it makes a perfect choice for a wedding anniversary this year. 

19. Banana cat bed for your pet lover spouse

fruit and flower anniversary gifts

What to give to your pet lover’s spouse on your 4th anniversary? Give this banana cat bed to your wife on fruit anniversary and she will definitely love this gift. 

20. Avocado Blanket Hoodie to Pamper Your Wife

4 year anniversary gift ideas

Do you want to make your wife feel nice and comfy day and night? This oversized avocado blanket hoodie is the best option to choose for 4th-anniversary gifts. It can save your wife from chilly winds and winter nights. 

Buying this for your wife will show her you overlook her even after 4 years of marriage. 

21. Refreshing Watermelon Plushie to enhance the beauty of the house

fruit anniversary gifts

Wives love having multipurpose items and this watermelon plushie is one of them. The color of watermelon is very relieving and pleasant. It enhances the beauty of wherever the place you put it i.e. bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. This plushie is a perfect gift to share with your loved one. 

22. Fruit Shaped Reusable Ice Cubes To Cool Down Your Wife In Hot Flashes

4 year anniversary gift ideas

Women usually get warm during or before their irritable days. You just need to calm her down. So give these fruit shaped ice cubes to her as a fruit themed gift on your anniversary to show her that you really care about her.

23. Cute Avocado Purse with Delightful features 

fruit anniversary gifts

It is purely a gift item that can be used on a daily basis. It is a multi-functional object that can be used as a purse or a backpack. It can also be hung as a decoration item on the wall. Thus you can buy it for your wife and she will use it for different purposes happily. 

Final Words

During the 4th year of marriage, the couple expresses its growing love and dedication to one another. The 4 years of spending time with each other means the marriage is fully bloomed, then the gifts related to fruits and flowers are proven to be the best gifts for 4th year anniversary. Choose from the list of gifts given above and enjoy the wedding anniversary with maturity and care. 

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