21 Questions To Ask A New Relationship Before Getting Into Deeper Discussion

by admin December 23, 2022

Starting a relationship always seems very easy. Both of you will think that we are very understanding and things cannot go sideways. But things don’t work out like that.

Everyone has different opinions and everyone’s opinion matters. In such cases, it is a necessary step to ask bold questions if you have to. Because your relationship is going to be dependent on it. 

We have compiled questions to ask your partner, which can help you make a better decision for your life whether you want that person in the future or not. 


Questions To Ask In A New Relationship

There are some good relationship questions we have discussed that you can ask someone to know in a better way.

1. What does friendship mean to you?

questions to ask in a new relationship

By asking this question, you’ll come to know from what point of view they think about friendship. What is meaningful for them in a friendship and what is not?

Such questions help you in knowing someone better than before, or if they are a stranger to you. You can know them in a better way by asking such questions. 

2. Why did you cry the last time you did so?

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

They cried and why? Knowing the reason will let you know what hurts them and what does not. Were they happy tears or sad tears? They cried because of themselves or because of someone else. 

You’ll get to know what they think and how they think.

3. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

serious questions to ask your partner

What things are they most happy about? What things are they most grateful for? 

It shows their downness to earth. They are grateful for small things and small efforts people make in their life. Or they are always about immense things. 

If both of your thinking match. Or if you are okay with their answers. You can go for it.

4. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

serious questions to ask your partner

You ask them this question. And you will know their preferences in life. What is important to them and what would they do if they had only one day left in this world? Are they ready to go yet or not?

Such questions play an important role in getting to know someone.

5. What brings the most meaning to your life?

romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh

It is one of the important questions for a new relationship. 

By asking this question you will get to know what things they carry dearest in their life. Is it their family? Friends? Career? Or something else. 

6. What are some things you do that make you happy?

serious questions to ask your partner

You can ask this question to know if they know themselves. Because if they know themselves. How they make themselves happy. Are they relying on someone else for their happiness? If not, then it is very good. 

Because only such a person can bring positivity to your life who has the tools in his pocket to create happiness. 

Editor’s Tip: You can get smiley gifts for someone whom you want to be happy in life as a sign of happiness.

7. What are some things you dream about doing in the future? 

serious questions to ask your partner

By asking this question, whether you are in their plans or you are just making plans yourself. 

Your relationship is based on such questions so it is better to not ignore anything.

8. What scares you?

serious questions to ask your partner

Everyone is scared of something in his/her life. Asking them will show you whether they are willing to expose themselves in front of you or not.

By knowing this you can support your partner in a better way.

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9. If you can change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

Asking them this question will let you know if they have self-awareness. 

Being aware of oneself is important. Knowing this, they will know how to improve themselves and how they can make things better in their life and with you together.

10. Are there any exes still in the picture?

questions to ask in a new relationship

If you are interested in them, you can ask them if there is any ex still in the picture. Are they still in their past? Do they want to move on? Have they moved on and are looking for the future? 

You can answer all these questions by asking this single question. So if you are into them, surely ask them.

11. How do you define cheating in a relationship?

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

How a person thinks matters a lot when you are in a relationship. It is important to know if cheating is a crime for them or just a matter of time.

If you still have any doubts, ask them plainly and clear your doubts.

12. Are you in this for the good time or the commitment? 

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

Before indulging in feelings and into them. Ask your partner what he thinks? They are just having time pass or are really into something serious. Among the other questions for a new relationship, you must ask this question.

It is better not to leave this question saying that it is unimportant. It is good to know earlier that you will get hurt later if your opinion doesn’t match them.

13. What does an ideal, healthy relationship look like from your perspective?

juicy questions to ask your boyfriend

What are their views on having a healthy relationship? Do they think communication is the key? Does the opinion of others matter? Do they accept if they are wrong somewhere?

Such are the keys to a happy, healthy and long-term relationship. You should put everything on the table and know their point of view about relationships working out.

If you are shy and hesitate to ask questions, you can draw cute things to ask innocent questions.

14. What is your love language?

juicy questions to ask your boyfriend

 It is a very important question if you are thinking of making someone your bae. 

You should know how they want to feel loved and vice versa. Is it kisses? Going out? Cuddling? Making pictures together? Romantic texts? Box of chocolates? Exchanging gifts? Or long texts?

You can give your partner a cute keychain, morse code bracelet, or any other thing to make him/her feel special.

15. How do you deal with conflict?

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

When there is a relationship, conflicts happen, and misunderstandings happen. It is a very important question. Because communication is important in such tough moments and it is the only key to resolving the issues. 

16. Could you share one secret you haven’t told me about yet?

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

It will show if they trust you from all their heart and core or not. Your efforts also matter in such cases. That you are understanding enough to know their insecurities or deep secrets. And you will not judge them by anything.

17. Do you believe we make each other better people?

serious questions to ask in a new relationship

You are starting a new relationship. Then you should know if you both are better for each other or not. 

Do both of you make each other a better person? Or is it just a relationship that can lead to misunderstandings and hardships later? 

18. Do you want kids someday?

juicy questions to ask your boyfriend

You are thinking about the future with them or you love children. What do they think about kids or do they want to have kids someday? 

How they answer will let you know what they think about kids. 

19. What do you think about me when I’m not around?

romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh

It is one of the good questions for a new relationship.

It is necessary to know where your relationship stands before getting into something serious. If they don’t feel anything and don’t have anything nice to say about you when you are not around. Then that person is not the one.

20. How do you deal with challenges?

questions to ask in a new relationship

How does your partner deal with challenges that come his/her way? It is an important question. Because relationships are never easy. 

You should know how your partner behaves in challenging matters. 

21. How do you feel about the concept of marriage?

questions to ask in a new relationship

Knowing what your partner prefers and thinks about marriage is crucial. If you both don’t stand on the same platform of opinions. It can create problems later.

Luckily, your relationship should be flexible enough with each other to resolve such differential ideas and issues. 

You can also ask some fun questions if the conversation gets extra serious which could be difficult to handle later on.


Clearly understands what your partner says, because your decision is based on their opinions and answers to your questions. If your gut says that something is not in line, then don’t go for it. Because you are making a long-term decision. You can ask the above-given questions for a new relationship to make such a decision.

However, if you both are friendly enough to get into open and healthy discussions, then keep being curious, grow together, and see what’s best for you.

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