Top 24 Weird And Mystifying Girl Products For Guys To Guess

by admin December 8, 2022

Sometimes guys really don’t know or have no idea about the weird products that women use in daily life. These products could be fashion or beauty accessories, apparel, women’s secret accessories, and whatnot.

So, guys be ready for the guessing game because it is getting more exciting as we have a new collection of weird women’s products for guys to guess

Why you are still here? Go and play this exciting guess game with your guy friend or you can also buy these items if you don’t have already to bring innovation to your life.

Girl Products For Guys To Guess : Pedicure Tools

Girls always have some unusual products to clean and maintain their feet and nails. Those products or tools are so weird that don’t even have a guess what are these actually. Let’s get start the guess game.

1. Electric foot sander is one of the weirdest products that confuse boys

girl products for guys to guess

Who knows that such a product can be used to file cracked heels? Show it to the guy and he will think that it is some kind of a mini dryer to dry your hair as it looks like that. They will never know that it is an electric foot sander until you tell them.

2. Callus remover is a confusing girl product for boys to guess

weird girl products with names

Callus remover is a foot foiling tool. Pedicure lovers love such products. Double-sided grater where one side has a raw pad and another side has a fine pad. 

Yes, it looks like sole of a shoe😂?, but it is a callus remover that removes dead skin and leaves the skin smooth.

3. Acrylic manicure nail clips seems like cloth holder to boys

girl products that confuse guys pictures

Show these clips to a group of your guy friends and guess what will be their answer? These are the cloth holder clips. Funny right? So why not have some fun and make them confused?

4. The acrylic nail cutter measuring dial is a weird product to guess

girl things that confuse guys

By looking at it for a long time, you cannot guess what this product can be. It is a very confusing product. Even though this acrylic nail cutter measuring dial is difficult to guess for girls, there is no chance that boys can guess it right.

Weird Women Hair styling Tools

Women hair styling tools are always so unusual that men will be astonished after realizing what they are actually. So let them be confused and keep doing your hair do😉. Here is the quiz:

5. Hair extension electric tape remover that looks like a stove lighter

girl things that confuse guys

Yes, it is one of the most confusing products for guys. They think of it as a lighter to light the stove, but No, it is an electric tape remover from hair extensions. 

Show this tool to a boy and do not tell him what it is. He is going to be confused for a long time. And you’re gonna enjoy it like hell by looking at their confused faces.

6. Electric detangler brush is also a difficult-to-guess product for guys

girl things that confuse guys

For girls who have wavy and curly hair, it is difficult for them to detangle hair. But these days, technology has solutions to almost everything. Electric detangler brush is one of them.

But guys think of it as something else because it looks like an electric toothbrush to them. It is very hard for them to guess what it is.

7. A confusing crochet hook for hair and not for clothes

girl products that confuse guys pictures

Not only crochet latch needles are used in crochet clothes, but also hair interloping. But do you think guys would ever know such a type of needle can be used for such a distinctive purpose? 

Specifically, African women make fashionable different braids with a hair crochet hook. Who knows one can have so many different styles with one hook?

8. Hair-weaving highlighting foiling comb is a hard-to-guess girl product

girl products that confuse guys pictures

Yes, the foiling comb is also included in weird products guys do not know. The comb is actually used to detangle sections of hair of any width. It straightens the hair in a second leaving them beautifully arranged.

But guys would not know about it. They only know about the common hair comb that everyone uses.

9. Silicone wig tapes boy can never know about

girl things that confuse guys

Girls always want to look perfect and flawless. No imperfection should be left behind. Here the wig tapes come. Boys know of wigs and they can point out if a girl is wearing a wig. But with silicone wig tapes? Never. 

Boys usually don’t know what type of top a women is wearing. So, make your guesing game more exciting by asking them the name of different types of women tops.

Weird Women Products for Guys to guess: Eye Products

Women eyes and lips are the two parts that guys likes so much and they should be clean and maintained all the time. In struggling of making their eyes look beautiful, girls use eye care products. Here you can find the list:

10. The professional eyelash curler with comb is among the weird girl products

makeup weird girl products with names

The very first sight of the product seems as if it were some kind of meat cutter but when guys see girls curling their eyelashes with it, they shrug with cringes and ask about the product.

For those girl products that confuse guys, an eye curler is the most flabergasting item. Tell them that ‘it’s nothing to save yourself from their weirdest questions and wrap them in curiosity until they bow on their knees and beg you to tell the name of it.

11. False lash tweezer that looks like a weird nail clipper to guys

makeup quiz for guys

Well Yes, here you are to confuse the guys with weird girly products. Most of the guys don’t even know what a simple tweezer is. How would they guess what a lash tweezer looks like?

Show this to a guy and surely he is going to make a very weird face knowing that it is to fix the lashes and not just a toy.

12. Girl products guys don’t know enrolls mind-boggling eye-uplifting tapes

makeup quiz for guys

The eye-uplifting tape would appear so horrendous to the guys. At first, they will refuse that it is of any use then they will analyze it from a bird’s view but we are sure they would not be able to get the name of it.

Tell them that it is used to uplift the eyes temporarily and they will be so shocked to know it. Have fun with them.

13. Electric eyebrow epilator is an unusual product for boys to understand

guess the beauty product

This electric eyebrow epilator looks like a metallic ball pen that creates confusion in boys’ minds. How could it trim the eyebrows? 

It is a painless trimmer that shaves the eyebrows and upper lips instantly. A perfect product to give someone.

14. Women’s eyebrow shaper is also included in hard-to-understand girl products

weird girl products with names

Eyebrow shaper is in the form of a razor that trims and reshapes the eyebrows the way you wanted to. But the thing is, guys are unfamiliar with it. They only think of their razor, used particularly by men.

Surprise your partner by using the best the most unusual girl product for guys to guess.

Can Guys Guess What These Girl’s Products Are? : Intimate Accessories

Men never ever imagine that a women have ever used a soulder pad to make their shoulders look upward.

There are so many other accessories that women use under the clothes. Thos are women’s secret accessories that guys should not know. But it’s a guess game so let’s see how many guys knows this.

Tip for married men: Please be quite😂.

15. Weird women’s products that men don’t know include silicone bra strap pads

intimate girl accessories for guys to guess

Well, well, well! silicon bra strap pad is such a product that guys feel embarrassed while the girls seem so proud to use. We can also say that these are such girls’ products guys don’t know at all.

You can easily fool them by making them think that you own such large bosoms and are not using anything that might have an enhancing effect on them. Be unapologetic 😉.

16. Heating pad for period cramps is an unusual product for boys

intimate girl accessories for guys to guess

Everyone thinks and especially boys, period cramps are soothed by water bags. But technology has done its magic. There is an electrical menstrual heating pad for period cramps as well as it can also be used for back pain.

17. Silicone butt pads are included in unusual girl products guys wouldn’t know

intimate girl accessories for guys to guess

Sometimes the tissues of the butt start deforming. That’s why butt pads are inserted in one’s underpants to have an uplifting effect. But guys don’t know that butts could be treated that way.

They might be familiar with surgical procedures but not this one. This lack of knowledge makes women laugh at a guy’s simplicity. Keep the butt pads on and keep on surprising the guys with your flawless beauty. 

18. Invisible silicone shoulder pads are girl products for guys to guess

intimate girl accessories for guys to guess

You must be thinking that this product is also related to a woman’s beauty part i-e, her busts! These pads are to keep the shoulders safe from any lesions caused by wearing bra straps.

The pads provide a soft upward push to the straps so that they won’t come in contact with the shoulder tissues. It is the most useful yet a product that guys are not familiar with!

19. Boob uplifting tape is the secret women’s products that guys couldn’t guess

intimate girl accessories for guys to guess

The boob tape is such a girl product guys cannot guess. This tape is used to adhere to the boobs to give them a smooth lift. Many guys do not know what it is actually.

They would not be able to guess it even by the skin-toned color of the tape. Good for them actually.

20. Silicon Nipples Are Popular Girl Products For Guys To Guess

intimate girl accessories for guys to guess

To celebrate a braless day, silicon nipples are the best adhesives to cover one’s nipple region. Not only that these nipples provide protection but they save the breast from bumps and jumps. 

Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know About: Random Products

Here is the list of random girl products that guys don’t know:

21. Bracelet helping tool is a super unusual women’s product that guys don’t know

girl things that confuse guys

Ages ago, women had to take the help of their partners to get their necklaces and bracelets to be knotted. But now, the same thing is done by the bracelet helping tool.

This tool is one of the girl items that guys don’t know. Maybe they cannot handle the fact that women can do something on their own, right? But keep the bracelet helping tool in your vanity box for emergency uses. 

22. Hip trainer is also included in the weird products guys don’t know

girl things that confuse guys

The bladder control pelvic muscle hip trainer is used In order to bring your belly fat down. It is a weird tool that women place between their thighs and squeeze it gently.

The action is done to get the pelvic muscles toned but it uses to give cringes to the guys who are not familiar with the use of the product.

23. Add this real jade gua sha to the weird girl products for guys to guess list

guess the beauty product

Face muscles are usually the most ignored ones. Girls need to take care of their skin.

The toolset is enlisted in notorious girl products that guys would not know. Let it be an astonishing product for the guys and enjoy their expressions while you massage the facial muscles for good.

Tip: You can open this blog in front of you and ask your partner or male friend about these items and can start a quiz (girl products that confuse guys quiz). Is it not going to be funny??

24. Roll-on wax heat applier is also included in the weirdest products

guess the beauty product

Normally everyone is used to waxing with a simple process as it is done. and boys only know this. And how will they react when they know there is a roll-on wax applier similar to a rectangular-shaped box?


Well, this was the light-mode narration of the girl product for guys to guess. Low-key jokes and cynical tones are used because It is really not necessary to use an acerbic tone to make guys feel inferior in any respect that’s why. We hope that you enjoyed our blog.

Must await for us to update the blog as soon as we get to know any other weird and awkward girl product guys do not know. Until then enjoy yourself and let us know which of the above product you already know. No cheating……

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